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Atlantic Technical CollegeMcFatter Technical College Sheridan Technical College

Industry Certification & State Credential Exams

Industry certifications make you more employable.

You will be prepared to take an approved state and/or nationally recognized industry certification or licensure exam in your field of study.

College Credit Transfer Opportunity and/or Advanced Credit

Upon completion of the program and meeting eligibility requirements, including the attainment of an aligned industry credential, students may be awarded credits toward an Associate Degree by Broward College or the Florida College System.  Students must enroll in Broward College within 2 years of completing the program at Atlantic Technical College. Additional college credit may be awarded with the attainment of additional industry credentials.


You’re not like everyone else! Neither are we!  Experience the difference a career education can make.  Experience Broward’s Technical Colleges; Atlantic, McFatter and Sheridan.

Atlantic Technical CollegeElectronic Technology

Program Length: 1400 hours/approx. 13 months – full time

You will use various types of precision test equipment for analyzing, repairing, and troubleshooting software, computer hardware, electronic devices, and local area networks. Special Note: Prospective students should have a basic knowledge of computer operating systems.

Atlantic Technical CollegeMachining Technologies

Program Length: 1500 hours/approx. 14 months- full time

You will learn how to set up and operate the following types of machines: contour saw, drill press, lathe, milling machine grinder, and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines. Instruction also includes the use of precision measuring instruments such as layout and inspection tools, and micrometers, and gauges. CNC programming, the use of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) processes, and set up and performance of advanced level machining operations are taught.

Atlantic Technical CollegeMcFatter Technical CollegeWelding Technology

Program Length: 1050 hours/approx. 11 months full time

Instruction includes: selection of proper torch tips and filler rods; adjustment of gas pressure and flame according to the size and characteristics of metal; selection of proper electrodes; adjustment of voltage and current for the type of metal; flame cutting, and use of equipment introducing a shield of inert gas (MIG-TIG) around the electric arc to prevent oxidation. Instruction also involves classroom and practical experiences to teach students to fabricate and weld pipe joints and perform fabrication in the specialized area of pipe welding.