Questions and Answers

Q: I’m totally into figuring out how things work.  It’d be cool to get paid for doing it.  Any suggestions?
A: Automotive Technician.

If your love of electronic toys goes beyond play, think seriously about becoming an automotive technician.  Technicians diagnose systems and components to repair cars and trucks.  But you’ll do more than change parts to fix a problem.  Vehicles are getting more complex as computerized electronic components used to power nearly every facet of them become the norm.  You’ll use your expertise daily to solve new challenges to repair and maintain vehicles that are ever-changing – perfect for the inquisitive mind that has to know.
Q: So what exactly would I do?
A: A technician:

° Operates diagnostic equipment like a pro
° Makes quick and accurate diagnosis of complex vehicle systems
° Uses critical thinking skills and on-line resources to determine the right solutions
° Repairs the vehicle as cost-effectively and in the least amount of time as possible
Q: What do I need to get this gig?
A: Being a technician requires:
° Analytical thinking and sound reasoning skills
° Mechanical aptitude
° Proficiency with tools
° The ability to work efficiently with little or no supervision
° A commitment to safety, following rules, regulations, and guidelines
° A commitment to continuous training as technology changes
° A valid driver’s license
Q: Do I need a degree?  And what kind of pay are we talking about?
A: If you’re serious about a career as a technician, you’ll need a technical education after high school as a base.  It’s good to go after additional certification as well, which can help increase both earnings and advancement potential.  Speaking of earnings:
° Technicians can make excellent money and income can increase as your jobs skills improve
° Earnings are typically based on flat-rate hours and the efficiency of a technician
° Income can range from $18,000 entry level to $80,000+ with certifications and experience (depending on the market in which the dealership is located)