Career Placement Transition Program

Career Placement is a work study transition service that utilizes community-based instruction for neurodiverse 18-22 year old students who have met graduate requirements and elect to defer their standard diploma using the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process.  Career Placement enables a student to identify career options, access community resources, apply positive work-related behaviors, and meet industry standards for competitive entry level employment. Career Placement will prepare students to be hired for entry level jobs while also allowing students to continue to explore future training opportunities. Each student participates in a functional curriculum that emphasizes; personal and career goals, self-evaluation, self-determination, travel training, career counseling and guidance, competitive employment, and independent living skills. Students work on obtaining and maintaining competitive entry level jobs in the private business sector.

Our mission is to assist recent high school graduates who have expressed an interest in competitive entry-level employment to reach their goal of obtaining and maintaining a meaningful job. We foster a strong work ethic in our young people entering the workforce and cultivate the skills necessary to live as self-sufficiently as possible.

Note: Students must have interest in paid employment, demonstrate employability skills, and have the ability and desire toindependently navigate their community.

Click Here for an informational flyer on the Career Placement Transition Program.

Areas of Study:

Each student participates in a functional curriculum that emphasizes:

  • Making plans for personal and career goals
  • Evaluating own knowledge and skills
  • Improving business communication skills such as telephone etiquette and follow-up, contacting employers, creating a resume, submitting job applications, and self-promotion during interviews.
  • Landing a job and fulfilling the job responsibilities
  • Self-advocating on the job (voice their opinion and/or address concerns regarding their differing abilities and supports they may need to complete their job responsibilities)
  • Making decisions and problem solving on the job
  • Using public transportation to independently move about the community
  • Maintain positive communication on the job
  • Staying motivated on the job.

Services Include:

  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Employment Skills Assessment
  • Career Counseling and Guidance
  • Resume Development
  • Travel Training and/or Driver’s Education Instruction toward the written portion of the test
  • On-the-Job Assistance
  • Academic Employment Skills
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Independent Living Skills Support
  • Students may elect to work on obtaining entry level certifications in their career field of interest


Students must meet the following:

  • Meet graduation status and chose to utilize deferment of their Standard Diploma through the Individualized Education (IEP) process prior to graduating.
  • Live in Broward County
  • 18-21 years of age
  • Expressed interest in paid employment
  • Demonstrates employability skills
  • Ability and desire to independently navigate the community

Ask your ESE Specialist for an Application. After your application has been received by Sheridan Technical College and Technical High School, you will be contacted and scheduled for a visit to discuss your interest in Career Placement.