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Learn to become a professional in Barbering!

Adult Barbering – This program is designed to prepare for employment as a Restricted Barber or the Full Barbering program. It includes training in hair cutting with clippers, shears, styling, shaving, mustache and beard designs, hair coloring, chemical waving, and relaxing.

Learn to become a professional in the industry of Barbering. The Restricted Barber Program prepares students for employment as a licensed restricted barber. Training includes background in:

  • Safe and efficient work practices
  • Florida Barber Law and Rules
  • Chemistry (Demonstrates appropriate understanding of basic sciences)
  • Bacteriology, Anatomy, Physiology
  • Identify and perform trimming/shaping hair (to work with a variety of tools and equipment)
  • Identify and perform hairstyles
  • Identify and perform mustache and beard design
  • Demonstrate shaving the face
  • Identify and perform facial treatments

Barber Training Program length may vary based upon a student’s ability, attendance, and prior knowledge. Barber graduates are eligible to apply for licensure in Florida as a Restricted Barber, 1000 hours or Barber 1200 hours. Students are introduced to the laboratory where they render hair and facial treatments to the general public for a nominal fee. This invaluable work experience at Sheridan Technical College prepares the student with entry-level skills. The Barber curriculum is designed to qualify students for the Barber Licensing Examination which is governed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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For more information on program cost, schedule, content, and admission requirements, see the program flyer or contact the counselor at: [email protected]

Program Info

Program Length:

900 hrs / Full Time 9 months / 30 weeks

Program Offered:

January, March, June, August and October

Delivery Method: