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Business Management and Analysis

Learn to become a professional in business management and analysis!

The Business Management and Analysis Program is designed to prepare students for employment as a Supervisor, Manager Trainee, or Small Business Owner. The content focuses on broad, transferable skills of business supervision including: communications and human resource management, finance, technology, bookkeeping, environmental health and safety, and computer applications. In addition, students learn the functions of management, forms of business ownership, organizational structures, business law and ethics, insurance, government regulations in business, and how to open and operate a business. As a final project, students prepare a portfolio and business plan. The Business Management and Analysis Program prepares students for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Certification.

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Program Info

Program Length:

900 hrs / Full Time 9 months / 30 weeks

Program Offered:

January, March, June, August and October

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