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Sheridan Technical College

Facials Specialty

Facials Specialty/ Esthetician Training – 220 hours | Day or evening classes

The Facials Specialty/Esthetician Program prepares students for employment as a cosmetology facial specialist, also known as an Esthetician. Training includes background in bacteriology, hygiene, personality development, Florida law, machine and manual facials, tweezing/waxing, basic makeup, eyebrow/lash tinting, and entrepreneurship.

This Facials Specialty/Esthetician Program prepares individuals with the necessary skills needed as an employee in a beauty salon or spa specializing in:

  • Skin care
  • Facial massage
  • Makeup

The Facials Specialty/Esthetician course contains detailed competencies that all facial students should possess for the performance of services. Instruction and learning activities are provided in a laboratory setting with hands-on experience using chemicals, implements, and equipment appropriate to the program content in accordance with current trade practices. Instruction is designed to qualify students for employment while obtaining registration from the Florida

For more information on program cost, schedule, content, and admission requirements, see the program flyer or contact

Jessica Clark, Guidance Counselor

[email protected]