Get There Florida

Get There, an initiative from the Florida Department of Education, accelerates students’ success. Students move towards their future while ensuring the talented workforce meets our state’s needs. Learn how Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide educational opportunities and career pathways at Broward Technical Colleges.

Gain New Skills. Get into a New Job.

CTE is faster and more affordable than the 4-year or more traditional university track. It’s a path to livelihood right out of school.

Students enroll in high-demand, high-quality workforce programs and gain critical skills that Florida employees are looking for.

Despite a challenging economy, students don’t have to wait to start or progress in their careers, and start earning sooner.


Programs offer the latest industry-recognized, and in some cases nationally recognized credentialing, at a rapid pace.

CTE programs attract students to career pathways, providing specialized talent for businesses and Florida’s workforce.

Curriculum can be flexible. Industry professionals pass on their unique skills and expertise through training.

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