MCAP – How to Apply

Automotive Applications Procedures

In partnership with Broward College Associate Degreee in Automotive Service Technology

  1. Submit, mail, or fax the Corporate Automotive Technology Program Application to Mopar College Auto Program, Sheridan Technical College, 5400 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, FL 33021. Telephone 754-321-5434 or Fax 754-321-5484.
  2. Attend Sheridan Technical College orientation and take the State of Florida basic skills test (cost $10.00 and picture ID required). The automotive orientation is given every Thursday at 8:45 AM and no appointment is needed. Meet in the lobby of building #12.
  3. Complete a Broward College APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION online at, click on “Admissions”, click on “Admission Applications”. Print 3 copies of the confirmation page (one for Broward College; one for MCAP instructor/coordinator; one for your records). Visit the community college campus with a copy of online admission confirmation, proof of one year Florida residence, and a non-refundable $35.00 Application Fee.
  4. Take the Computerized Placement Test (CPT) at Broward College. Sample test questions are available at: Information about test dates and times are available when you submit the College Application form to the registrar or you can call the college for the weekly orientation/CPT test schedule. You will not be required to take this test if you can present proof of having completed a college course in Algebra and English Composition (transcript required) or can present scores for an ACT or SAT test, taken within the last 2 years, to the college advisement office. Bring copy of test results to MCAP instructor/coordinator.
  5. After completion of steps 1-4, please contact the MCAP program instructor/coordinator for an appointment.

Mark Couvillon, 954-253-8664 

[email protected]