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MCAP Frequently Asked Questions
Student FAQs

What is the difference between MCAP and other manufacturer’s programs?

In MCAP you will learn specific technologies used exclusively on Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep products. In addition, MCAP is an internship based program where the student applies knowledge learned in college while at their sponsoring dealership.

Does MCAP offer paid internships?

Yes, generally the student and dealer negotiate on an hourly wage for each internship period during the sponsorship process.

Who do I contact at the MCAP school for an application?

You can contact the college MCAP Coordinator from the MCAP website (Schools section) and they can put you in contact with the correct person in their admissions office.

What are MCAP Admissions Requirements?
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 18 years of age or older at the time of dealership work term
  • Accepted and enrolled in Broward College
  • Provide MCAP instructor approved academic plan
  • Have a valid driver’s license with 7 or less points in the last 3 years
  • Meet “drug free” workplace requirements
Are there scholarships available?

Most MCAP colleges offer student scholarships based on specific criteria (i.e. financial need, academic qualifications, etc.). We recommend you contact the MCAP College of your choice and they can provide specific information regarding scholarship availability and your eligibility at their college.

How long does it take to complete MCAP?

MCAP is a 2-year Associates Degree program.

I am currently interested in MCAP, I have been talking with some Chrysler technicians I know and they keep talking about levels of certification. Can you tell me what level of Chrysler certification do MCAP students graduate with?

Generally speaking, a typical MCAP student graduates at level 3 in a number of skill areas in the Chrysler Technical Training Skill Core Curriculum. We recommend that you contact the MCAP school of your choice for more information about their program and specific school requirements.

I’m not sure I want my child to be a technician. Is it possible to support a family on a technician’s wage?

The automotive service industry is looking for quality technicians to fulfill current open positions. Good technicians can make a good living and are in high demand at Chrysler,Jeep, Ram, Fiat, SRT Dodge and Jeep dealerships.

How does Chrysler support MCAP?

Chrysler supplies each MCAP college with training aids including latest production vehicles, components, diagnostic equipment and Chrysler specific training materials. In addition, each MCAP instructor is required to attend specific training courses to stay current with technologies used on Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep products.

My daughter is interested in being a technician. Is MCAP a good career choice for her?

The automotive service industry is looking for quality technicians regardless of gender. More and more women are entering this industry and are very successful. This is an excellent time for your daughter to enter MCAP.

What are the benefits of my child attending MCAP?

They learn exclusively on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat & SRT products and technologies. Consequently their product knowledge is much greater than someone with a generic certificate or automotive degree. In addition, upon successful completion of the 2-year program, the graduate receives an Associates Degree in Automotive Service Technology (or equivalent). Some of these credits are transferable toward a Bachelors Degree, should the student wish to do so.

What is the advantage to sponsoring and ultimately hiring a MCAP student?

MCAP students learn exclusively on the latest Chrysler Group vehicles and technologies. In addition, they learn and receive training credit in the Chrysler Technical Skill Core Curriculum as they progress through MCAP and upon graduation are generally at or through level 3 in several skill areas.

How often will the MCAP student intern at my dealership?

It depends on the MCAP college learning sequence/format. Generally the student rotates between the college and the sponsoring dealership each semester/quarter (i.e. attends college one semester and the dealer the next) throughout the 2-year process.

Can I have an impact on what is taught at the MCAP College?

Absolutely, we require each MCAP College to create a Dealer Advisory Board with the purpose of ensuring that the college is meeting the industry needs. We encourage all sponsoring dealers to be an active participant on the Dealer Advisory Board.

Is it possible to sponsor more than one MCAP student at a time?

Yes, there are several dealers today sponsoring multiple students. What they have found is that after graduation these students become some of their most loyal and dedicated employees.

Who do I contact about sponsoring a MCAP student?

You can contact the MCAP Coordinator directly at the MCAP College of your choice, using the MCAP website (Schools section). Another option is to contact your local District Manager or Business Center Service & Parts Manager and they can get the process started